2013 Old Mission San Miguel St. Michael Archangel

$15.00 /750ml

Honeydew Melon, Honeysuckle, Peach and the subtlest implication of pear enscone your attention. It's pleasing, it's exciting, and it's memorable. Have fun! That's what this wine says. Enjoying it paired with your favorite fruit and mild cheeses will surely bring a smile. But don't stop there, this semi-sweet delight is a great compliment to spicy Asian cuisine as well. Just chill and enjoy!

If you are seeking a heavenly light and a place to savor the solitude of perfect serenity let St. Michael, the Archangel, be your guide and host. St. Michael, as forerunner of the Word of God, comes to our aid as the archangel of divine protection. By placing oneself under St. Michael's powerful protective sword, time become like a comforting blade; for St. Michael says, "I'm am the appointed hour." St. Michael's powerful, confident outstretched wings, sheltering divine protection reigns down showers of heavenly Seraphim armies and angelic hosts upon all of those entrusted to his care. At his beckoning, logos and music of heavenly purity and innocence, comes divine assistance, where one is held lovingly in the arms of perfect quietness, calming all questions or fears. Trusting beyond darkness and reaching for celestial courts of angels, we find St. Michael as the patron and protector of God and people. St. Michael is widely known as the protector against the forces of evil. "I, Michael, go before you, to protect, strengthen, surround you, in any need of protection you might have." St. Michael fights the good fight, and his power is invincible. All forces of evil tremble under the armor of his angelic mantel! 

In one savoring sip this delicate and delicious wine will send your sould soaring. Aromas of peach, honeydew and orange blossom bring thoughts of the celestial sweetness of heaven. This demi-sweet wine has been brought to its fullest aromatic flavor under the protective care of St. Michael, the Archangel, patron of Old Mission San Miguel. Rest now in the abiding comfort of the Prince of the Heavenly Host.

Technical Information

  • Alcohol: 10.5%
  • Appellation: California
  • Wine Type: Dessert
  • Varietal Muscat Canelli