Library Wines

2006 Estate Petite Sirah

Our Estate Petite Sirah is every bit the "octupus ink" you love from a Petite Sirah.

2008 Sangiovese

Your nostrils may be filled with caramel and cinnamon, or perhaps cigar leaf and Dr. Pepper, but the tease is the most intriguing notion of honeydew.

2008 Aglianico

Never heard of Aglianico? This Italian varietal comes to us from a neighboring vineyard not far from the winery.

2008 Estate Petite Sirah

Here's a hearty Petite Sirah from our Estate vineyard. Big, bold and smooth with an explosion of fruit in your mouth.

2008 Estate Malbec

Our 2008 Estate Malbec is here!

2009 Sangiovese

Light and spicy!

2009 Estate Malbec

2011 Estate Petite Sirah

Almost Sold Out!